Klein D201-7CST Ironworker's Work Pliers

In the ironworking industry, Klein pliers are known to hold up to the daily abuse of harsh work environments where similar tools will break.  If you are a tradesman who works in the iron working industry, the Klein Ironworkers Pliers are the right tool for your job.

Use the Ironworkers D201-7CST for On-The-Job-Toughness

Specifically crafted for the rebar ironworker (rodbuster), these side cutting pliers easily cut soft annealed rebar tie wire and conveniently twists the wire into place. In addition to cutting rebar tie wire, the sharp induction hardened side cutting blades are often used to cut screws, ACSR, nails and most hardened wire.

To help with gripping, the precision-hardened pliers' head features heavy duty knurled jaws.  After working with the pliers all day, you'll also appreciate the spring-loaded design which will open up the grip after being compressed.

Get the ironworker's industry standard pliers today!

Klein D201-7CST Features:

  • Twists and cuts soft annealed rebar tie wire.
  • Hook bend handle.
  • Spring-loaded action for self-opening.
  • Induction hardened cutting knives for long life.
  • Hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble.
  • Heavy-duty knurled jaws.
  • Unique handle tempering helps absorb the ''snap'' when cutting wire.
  • Precision-hardened plier head for on-the-job toughness.
  • Plastic-dipped handles for comfort and ease of identification.
  • ''Handform'' handles for full gripping and cutting power.
  • Custom, US-made tool steel.

Specifications of the Klein Ironworker's Pliers:

  • Jaw Length: 1-9/32 Inches
  • Jaw Thickness: 1/2 Inch
  • Jaw Width: 1-5/32 Inches
  • Knife Length: 5/8 Inch
  • Nose Type: Square
  • Overall Length: 9-1/4 Inches