Klein 1104 All-Purpose Shears and BX Cutter

The Klein 1104 All-Purpose Shears and BX Cutter can cut everything a side cutters or strippers can cut and more.  Cherished by electricians as a better option to cut MC cable, our customers also use them for all kinds of applications including cutting hardware cloth, chicken wire, cables, sheet metal, metal studs, and Romex. At only 7-5/8'' long it provides high leverage cutting and can still easily fit in your pocket or tool box unlike other options like BX Roto-Splitters.

The 1104 Cuts Metal-Clad (MC) & BX Faster than Roto-Splitters 

Other options to cut Metal-Clad cable are slow, bulky, and make a rough cut.  To cut MC, simply make a vertical snip in two places and twist. It cuts through the metal sheathing like butter! This process saves time and makes a nicer edge. You can also use the same tool to help form the BX's cut edge and then to strip the insulation.

If your tired of lugging around bulky roto-zips that are slow and leave sharp edges, get the Klein 1104 for quality cuts!.

Specifications of the Klein 1104

  • High-leverage; shear-type design for one-hand operation.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Stripping notch for added convenience.
  • Cuts a variety of materials including cable, sheet metal, steel strapping, and bundling wire.
  • Handle cavity is designed to restore BX cable to original shape after cutting.
  • Plastic-dipped handles for comfort.
  • Handle Color: Red
  • Length of Cut: 7/8''
  • Overall Length: 7-5/8''