Klein 612-4 1/8" Terminal Block Screwdriver - 4" Shank

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference in your work day! Klein was thinking of these little things when they manufactured these 612-4 terminal block screwdrivers.  This tool is a must for anyone that often works with terminal blocks, phoenix blocks, low voltage, audio, video, DIN rail, CCTV camera plugs, and phone systems.

The Klein 612-4 Screwdriver's Handle Provides Grip on a Terminal Strip

Professionals love that, unlike most terminal screwdrivers, the Klein 612-4 has a full sized easy to grip handle. No more hand cramps, loose connections, slips, or strips.  As an added bonus, the larger handle is also much easier to find in your tool bag and doesn't get lost on the bottom like other small terminal screwdrivers.

The only problem with this screwdriver is that you may not get it back if you let a coworker borrow it;  so you should buy a few to share!

Klein 612-4 Specifications:

  • Precision machined tip provides exact fit for terminal block screws.
  • Tip is up to 19% stronger than competitors.
  • Tip provides 76% higher torque value than the required ASME B107 Standard.
  • Cushion-Grip handle offers greater torque comfort.
  • 7 3/4 Inches Overall Length
  • 4 Inch Shank Length
  • Shank Top Width 1/8 Inch