Tool, Slitter, Flat Drop Cable

The Jonard FOD-2000 Fiber Optic Slitter is one of the most efficient tools available for technicians to safely prepare flat fiber optic drop cables. The patented technology greatly simplifies the slitting of drop cable jackets at the end of the cable or in the middle of the fiber. Jonard specifically designed this tool for professionals working with flat cables where the width is .32" and the height is .17".

Slit Fiber Cables in one Motion with the FOD-2000

In just one motion, a twist of the cable allows the outer jacket to easily peel and separate from the buffer tube, leaving the fiber undamaged. To use just position the tool around the cable, pull and slit.  The technician then snips off the loosened jacket and begins splicing. This compact tool has no exposed blades and opens a range of flat FOD cables from multiple manufacturers. And the product’s unique design also facilitates fast and safe mid-span access for technicians.  The FOD-2000 comes assembled with two blades (replaceable blades: FOD-RB25), which can be reversed once the blades are worn.

Wanna make your day splicing fiber a lot easier with less clean up? Get one of these! For the price, you cannot beat it.

Features of the Jonard FOD-2000 Fiber Optic Slitter

  • Cable slitter cuts slits in the end or mid-span in 0.250" flat drop fiber optic cables
  • Cuts both sides of the cable to provide access to the fiber or strength member
  • Can be used to cut mid-spans