Ideal 45-025 Lil' Ripper Stripper

The Lil' Ripper Stripper from Ideal (45-025) is an all purpose tool that is great for stripping Romex cables.  It is designed to rip a Romex® wire outer jacket cleanly and is used for stripping inner conduit wires.

This One Romex Tool Does the Work of Three!

In the past you had to use a traditional steel ripper the cut Romex casing and use a separate tool to snip the casing off and then finally strip the wires inside. The Lil' Ripper Stripper from Ideal can do all these tasks quickly and easily. 

The 45-025 first rips the Romex outer jacket cleanly and quickly to any length desired.  Then rotate the tool slightly for the ability to clip off the excess outer jacket.  Using the built in strip-length-scale, you can then insert the conduit wires to score and remove the insulation.  

More Features of the Lil' Ripper

In addition to stripping a cable, the Lil Ripper includes a handy twist-assist mechanism that tightens twist-on wire conductors.  It also includes two looping holes that allow you to easily loop the end of the wires, preparing them to be terminated with screw-on connectors.  As the name implies, the Lil' Ripper is also small so it can easily fit in your pocket or tool pouch ready for action.

Put an Ideal 45-025 Lil Ripper in your tool pouch and start stripping Romex cables quicker and cleaner than ever!

Specifications of the Ideal 45-025

  • Rips ROMEX® outer jacket cleanly and quickly.
  • Clips outer sheathing to remove excess ROMEX® jacket.
  • Strips inner conduit wires.
  • Looping holes loop wire for screw-on connections.
  • Twist-Assist™ tightens most popular sizes of winged twist-on wire connectors.
  • Injection molded elastomer grip provides a comfortable, slip resistant grip.
  • Strip length measuring scale allows for quick and easy measurements.
  • Conveniently fits in your pocket.