CFS-2 900 Fiber Optic Stripper

The CFS-2 900 Fiber Optic Stripper is used for stripping 250 and 900 micron buffer coatings to expose 125 micron cladded fiber in one continuous stripping action and has a second hole for stripping 2-3 mm fiber jackets.

  • Pre-set at the factory, no adjustments needed
  • Will not scratch or nick glass fiber
  • All stripping surfaces are manufactured to precise tolerances to assure clean, smooth strips
  • Comfort grip, ergonomic handles
  • Lock to hold tool closed when it is not in use
  • Part No.: 81281
  • Length: 6.44 in (165.00 mm)
  • Weight: 4.17 ounces (119.0g)