VIAVI 360 DSP Signal Level Meter (TRI-DSP-360-D31-PRO)

The Viavi 360 DSP signal level meter is specifically tailored for fast installation RF signal testing and troubleshooting. These meters come equipped with all needed analog and digital signal measurements to ensure the highest quality installation—and at a price point that makes it feasible for system operators to outfit their entire fleet.

Designed for installer, contractor and service tech challenges, the 360 DSP helps simplify decision making and streamlines standardization processes and procedures, while improving tech efficiencies and the overall health of the entire system. The 360 DSP features intuitive, color touchscreen interfaces, simple pass/fail indicators, and autotest apps to streamline basic RF installation and make the installer’s job easier. These meters are built with the technician in mind—from the quick charge time to the unique, built-in LED flashlight and glow in the dark keypad for those dark, cramped spaces.

The 360 DSP meter makes basic RF installation a breeze for installers and contractors. Techs will appreciate the advantages of a quick and efficient device, featuring a flexible and easy-to-operate interface inspired by modern smart devices. These next-gen fulfillment tools come equipped with powerful troubleshooting tools and simplified autotest apps to perform triple-play tests, set home certifications standards, and measure both Analog and Digital signals. The 360 DSP has built-in DOCSIS 3.1 Modem, Ethernet, and WiFi communications capabilities, and test results can be easily sent to StrataSync for near real-time views of measurement data.