Triveni Digital StreamScope EM-50 Enterprise Manager

Networked to StreamScope RM-50 remote monitors, the StreamScope EM-50 manages video, audio, and captioning problems for services across your DTV enterprise. The result is centralized quality control with reduced downtimes and increased customer retention.

For centralized QoS control

This enterprise-wide solution provides advanced fleet management capabilities, enabling engineers to configure, update, and backup StreamScope RM-50s from one location, ensuring superior QoS and complete regulatory compliance.

With live monitoring and mobile access

The EM-50 includes easy-to-use dashboards for at-a-glance overviews, detailed drill-down reports, triggered alerts, plus live service monitoring, custom network topologies, and more. For monitoring on the go, service personnel can access its web-based user interface from their mobile devices.


  • Maintain video quality and service availability throughout DTV networks
  • Manage remote TS monitors from a central location
  • Monitor real-time QoS for all network nodes and locations
  • Drill down to isolate and analyze the root causes of local faults
  • Create custom alerts for QoS changes and offline services
  • Keep technical personnel informed with email notices and reports
  • Reduce system downtime and customer service costs