Triveni Digital GuideBuilder® 5 EPG System for Cable TV

Today's cable operators provide channel lineups and electronic program guides for QAM tuners, DVB-SI and SCTE-65 STBs, and MDU installations. That's why they need GuideBuilder 5, the leading EPG metadata generation and management platform.

Manages channels and EPGs

GuideBuilder 5 ingests schedule listings, generates PSIP/DVB-SI/SCTE-65 metadata, and can send outputs for hundreds of channels. GuideBuilder 5 makes it easy to configure channel lineups and manage EPGs in an all-digital network infrastructure.

For all types of CATV networks

GuideBuilder 5 generates PSIP, DBV-SI, and SCTE-65 data for CATV services in one unified system.

This Linux-based system delivers mission-critical reliability, with email error alerts, and a simplified user interface. Available as server and software-only options, GuideBuilder 5 speeds deployments, streamlines workflows, and ensures accurate program guides for clear-QAM, DVB-SI, SCTE-65, and MDU viewers

GuideBuilder 5 for CATV includes...

  • EPG generation and management for thousands of CATV services
  • Automatic schedule downloads from multiple listing services
  • Standards-compliant PSIP, DVB-SI, and SCTE-65 metadata
  • Program guide outputs for clear-QAM, DVB-SI, and MDU customers
  • Virtual channel remapping for non-STB customers
  • A web-based, drill-down GUI for multiple-user access
  • Compliant channel part numbers
  • Channel lineup imports for faster schedule workflows
  • Easy editing of program descriptions, ratings, captioning and audio settings
  • Automatic alerts via SMTP email and SMS text messages
  • Input-to-output status checks with color-coded service maps