Trilithic 120 DSP Basic Signal Level Meter


The 120 DSP™ signal level meter is the most cost-effective and dependable tool available for all of your basic CATV installation needs. This device features a compact, rugged design, easy-to-use color user interface, and an unparalleled selection of digital and analog channel measurements.

Autotest Apps

The 120 DSP streamlines your testing procedures while making installation and troubleshooting more efficient with the use of Autotest apps. These apps allow users to perform a Return Spectrum and Channel Plan Scan of the channels included in the selected channel plan. The results are then compared to a specific set of measurement limits and displayed with familiar color-coded Pass/Fail results. All of this can easily be accomplished just by simply pressing a single button.

Job Management

With the included Job manager, technicians have the ability to enter job information that can be attached to any test results. Notes can also be added directly to each job so the technician can report any faults, anomalies or job codes related to the work being performed.

Level Measurements

When testing or troubleshooting within your analog, digital or mixed analog/digital transmission system, the 120 DSP makes the perfect tool for measuring the power levels of all of your analog and digital QAM carriers.

Additionally, for QAM carriers (including deep interleave) the 120 DSP provides Constellation, Equalizer Tap, MER and BER measurement displays. This allows users to quickly analyze 64 and 256 QAM downstream channels for quality verifications or to locate impairments with the meter, all right out of the box.

Channel Plan Scan

With its channel plan scan feature, the 120 DSP can also display the frequency response of the entire channel lineup. This measurement displays a color-coded bar graph of each channel or your favorite channels in the active channel plan. The channel plan scan also includes on-screen markers that can be adjusted to perform a tilt measurement.

Spectrum Measurements

The 120 DSP comes standard with the ability to display the the full return spectrum from 4 to 110 MHz. The spectrum display provides peak measurements, color-coded markers, and delta measurements. This feature also includes adjustable detector modes which are useful for capturing bursty transient noise. Optionally, the 120 DSP can also be equipped to perform forward spectrum measurements from 50 MHz to 1000 MHz.

Standard Testing Features:

  • Return Spectrum Analysis (4 to 110 MHz)
  • Level Measurement
  • C/N Measurement
  • QAM Measurement (MER/BER/Constellation/EQ)
  • Complete Channel Plan Scan with Tilt Measurement
  • Network Test Suite with Ping, Traceroute, & Throughput Measurements

Standard Interfaces:

  • RF Test Port (F-Type)
  • RJ45 Management Port (10/100 Mbps)
  • Mini-USB Type B Female Charge & Data PortProviding the widest range of functions for an installer available today (as standard options), the 120 DSP includes virtually all the testing options an installer or service technician needs to verify service quality and easily identify and fix problems in the field.