LC-500 Launch Cable

Tempo LC-500 is a 500m launch cable used with singlemode OTDR’s to compensate for the OTDR deadzone when measuring long cable spans. 

Its universal, compact design eliminates the need for multiple launch cables for varying network connectors. Universal connection; allows the technician to interface to SC, LC, FC and ST connectors; APC and UPC where applicable.


LC-500 allows technicians to accurately characterize the insertion and return losses of the input and output connectors of a fiber link.

Can be stored in the 930XC soft carry bag with the 930XC OTDR. Additional 930XC soft carry bags can be ordered separately if two launch cables are used.

Ordering Information

Part #Description
LC-500500m Launch Cable, Singlemode
20988Soft Carry Case - Holds up to two LC-500