TeleMate Pro Butt Set TM-700

The TEMPO Communications TM-700 helps technicians install, service, and maintain voice services with ease making your job faster, safer, and easier. DSL compatible in both Monitor and Talk modes, the TM-700’s LCD screen makes reading polarity, voltage, current, and ringing frequencies easier than ever, and clearly shows speed dials and recent numbers for faster access.

The TM-700 features over-voltage and over-current detection for safer operation and also features an intercom mode, a built-in toner for pair tracing, and DTMF detection and measurement for enhanced productivity. Use the built-in loudspeaker or with a headset (included) for easy hands-free operation.

The Tempo Communications TM-700 makes your job faster, safer, and easier.


  • Designed for comfortable shoulder placement. Operate in either hand, clip onto the belt, or use hands free.
  • Allows alerting and talking over a “dead” pair of wires.
  • A built-in pair tracing toner is provided. The frequencies chosen are suitable for use with Greenlee probes, as well as any other probe that works in the audio range.
  • Make many jobs hands free.
  • Advanced silicone rubber keypad glows after exposure to light, aiding operation in low light conditions.
  • LCD for easy dialing, programming, caller ID, voltage, current, ringing, and DTMF measurements
  • Safe over voltage and over current protection
  • Intercom for “dead-pair” talking
  • SmartIntercom™ between Tele-Mate® Pros (including PE830); allows “ringing” the far end
  • Tone generator for pair identification
  • Luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) keypad
  • DSL line filter
  • Super Impedance Amplifier to monitor lines without disrupting traffic