SWIFT KR12A All-In-One Ribbon Splicer

Introducing the new Swift KR12A All-In-One Ribbon Splicer. This premium fusion splicer offers a strong option for in-field fiber splices that delivers superior optical performance and improved productivity. Integrated with 5 functions in one unit, the KR12A can strip, clean, cleave, splice and protect in less time and with better results.  In addition the rotating blade life can handle up to 75,000 fiber splices and unit maintenance can be achieved through an online connection.


  • Remote maintenance via internet
  • The fusion splicer with All-In-One system provides the best workability. Integrated 5 functions in one unit (stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing, and protecting).
  • No scratches on fiber by thermal stripping (extended tensile of fiber strength by 2 kgf more)
  • Wide 127mm (5.0 in) Color LCD monitor with electrostatic touch screen and bidirectional operating system
  • Powerful lithium polymer battery with large capacity (6000mAh)
  • Resistance to shock, dust and water
  • User-friendly GUI