Steren WiFi Tester BL-526-106

The Steren WiFi Tester provides installer friendly WiFi testing for both residential and small to medium business (SMB) WiFi Networks. This rugged, handheld device operates in stand-alone mode and doesn’t require connection to an access point. Not only can the installer decide which channel to use, detect the strength of the WiFi signal and determine interference levels in the area, the BL-526-106 WiFi tester will help them determine where to place signal boosters and also supports wireless mesh network (WMN) With its low-cost and sturdy design, not to mention ease of use, the Steren BL-526-106 WiFi tester gives field technicians a simplified pass/fail device and standardized test instrument.


  • IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual-band radio with virtual-simultaneous dual-band operation.
  • Support for both 2.4x GHz and 5.0x GHz scanning on devices with dual-band Wi-Fi.
  • Single-stream spatial multiplexing up to 433.3 Mbps data rate.
  • Site Survey - displays each AP’s beacon signal strength and channel, indicating how Wi-Fi channels in the 2.4x GHz ISM band overlap with one another.
  • Displays how the AP’s channel and relative beacon signal strength, indicating how all Wi-Fi environment are distributed across different channels.
  • Display all AP’s Wi-Fi environment are distributed across different channels, which shall be indicated by most AP’s on channels 1, 6, 11 and other channels in the 2.4 GHz range and high/low channels in the 5 GHz spectrum as available.