Sidekick V.O.C.

Troubleshoots twisted pair applications and uncover intermittent faults through patented Stress and Leakage tests. Stress tests determine the capacitive and resistive balance characteristics of twisted pairs by measuring audible noise at any point on a faulted pair. Identifies DC resistive or capacitive imbalances undetected by other subscriber loop tests. Leakage tests detect intermittent resistance faults by using 135 volts DC to penetrate the galvanic corrosion that can occur on out-of-service twisted pairs.


  • Single set-up testing for Tip-Ring, Tip-Ground, and Ring-Ground
  • Reduces repeat service calls and eliminates service interruptions
  • Works on any twisted pair application
  • Provides quick return on investment



  • Qualifies inside wire prior to activation
  • Identifies defective inside wire and jacks
  • Identifies shorts, opens, crosses and grounds
  • Measures resistance, AC/DC volts, quasi square wave, and pair balance
  • Provides tone for twisted pair or crossed conductor identification
  • Field replaceable leads
  • Soft case with adjustable hook
  • Low-battery indicator light

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
1143-5000 Sidekick V.O.C.