Sidekick T&N

The Tempo Communications Sidekick Plus helps technicians diagnose and troubleshoot problems with twisted pair cable. Using the latest digital technology the Sidekick Plus provides an easy to use, feature rich, multifunction test set for today’s telecom engineer. In addition to the standard Sidekick Plus features, Stress Test, Volt-ohm meter (VOM), Loop Current tests, Longitudinal Balance, Transmission and Noise tests, Open Meter, Load Coil detection, Resistive Fault Locate (RFL) and a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) we’ve added an optional suite of Wideband Spectrum Analysis tests and an option for VDSL/ADSL sync and service tests. With improved test set up and speed of test and with a longer battery life, the Tempo Communications Sidekick Plus helps technicians get the job done faster, safer and easier.


  • 1 Gigaohm Insulation Resistance
  • Advanced Pulse TDR for improved accuracy (Step TDR option available)
  • Improved speed of test and menu selection
  • Long lasting, Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • Complete metering of voltage, current and resistance on copper cables
  • Patented stress balance test
  • Measurement of distance to opens
  • Line quality tests for noise, loss and power influence
  • Multimode wire tracing tone
  • Resistance fault locator (RFL) and calculator
  • Powerful Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
  • Built-in loudspeaker dialing with phone book memory
  • Auto-test mode with Pass/Fail
  • USB download of test results and upload of software
  • Analog meter or digital display selectable
  • Big, easy-to-read 320 x 240 display with backlight
  • Readable in bright sunlight
  • Advanced cable diagnosis and troubleshooting in a single test set
  • Quick testing and fast repairs
  • Test data capture for sharing and records
  • Easy to learn, especially for Sidekick family users
  • Field upgradeable software
  • Grounding Resistance Testing
  • Optional Impulse Noise Testing to 30MHz
  • Optional Step Time Domain Reflectometer

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