MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer – ASI/RF/IP to USBMTSA-PRO (MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer – ASI/RF/IP to USB) is a compact device used to capture, analyze and/or generate MPEG ASI transport streams. The MTSA-PRO features a single DVB-ASI input and output with USB (half duplex), and RF input.

The MTSA-PRO with its included software combined with a user’s PC creates an MPEG ASI Transport Stream Analyzer for real-time analyzing, monitoring, and decoding. The MTSA-PRO can also serve as a PSI/PSIP generator and advertisement inserter.

• Real time analysis via RF/ASI/IP input and TS file
• Single DVB-ASI input and single DVB-ASI output adapter for USB (half duplex)
• MPEG TS analysis and capture
• USB 2.0, bus powered, no power supply required
• ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-T and OpenCable DTV standards compliant
• ETSI TR 101 290 Priority with real-time 3-stage error monitoring reporting and error logging.
• Diagnostic and verification of MPEG designs
• PCR & PTS analysis, arrive time graphing, measurement display and jitter analysis
• Triggered recording
• Data rate analysis
• Table and packet views
• SI/PSI & PSIP view and interval analysis
• CAS view: ECM and EMM repetition rate and update time
• PES header analysis
• Real-time A/V decoding