ATSC 3.0 Signal Level Meter

The ultra-portable SLM 1530 ATSC 3.0 Handheld Signal Level Meter is the perfect solution for broadcast professionals testing all-new ATSC 3.0 equipment and installations. Beyond the ATSC 3.0, it includes full support for legacy ATSC 1.0 and also QAM-B cable signals making it an all-around tool for testing, installation and maintenance.
This lightweight meter is packed with big features including in-depth RF measurements such as signal level, MER, BER, S/N and constellation diagrams. It also has a powerful spectrum analyzer function available for single channel all the way to full spectrum views. The built-in pass/fail metrics make it easy to quickly identify issues in any system.
In addition to the RF measurements, the SLM 1530 includes the ability to fully decode and display in full motion and color the video and audio components of received RF signals. This provides at-a-glance assurance that the RF system is working. The included Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity brings remote control, log download and simple firmware updates to handle the constantly evolving ATSC 3.0 settings.
The SLM 1530 is designed to meet the rigors of everyday field use with a rugged display that is both dependable and viewable even in the brightest sunlight. It also includes a 5 hour battery and a padded nylon case with all the straps and handles a user could want.

• Testing and maintenance of new ATSC 3.0 and other digital RF equipment, such as modulators, receivers and decoders
• Professional installation and troubleshooting of digital TV broadcasts, cable TV digital or analog reception and distribution paths
• Antenna alignment for private TV/RF distribution systems in schools, campuses and hospitality networks.

• Professional ATSC 3.0 hardware demodulator built in
• Ultra-portable handheld form factor with 5-hour batter
• 2.8” full-color LCD screen for easy navigation and results viewing
• Full motion video and audio decoding of received channels
• Digital RF measurements including average power/level, pre/post BER, MER, spectral analysis and constellation
• Built-in network port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for remote control, remote measurements, firmware updates and datalog retrieval

· Web access with screen mirroring
· Service info including TSID, service name, PID and encode type
· Video and audio decoding including all CODECs and formats supported
by · ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0
· ATSC3.0 video and audio descrambling (where applicable)
· Capture input streams to USB
· Factory and customizable Pass/Fail indicators
· Factory and customizable channel plans