Megger DET14C Clamp-On Ground Tester

The DET14C is an advanced clamp-on ground tester used for measuring the resistance of ground rods and associated installations. These instruments induce a test current into ground systems and measure ground resistance in multi-earth installations without the need to disconnect the electrical system. The technique effectively measures a loop resistance. 

Hard-to-reach ground spikes are easily accessed with the instruments’ short body length, a unique pre-test hold function, and display backlight for low light environments. The elliptical head shape greatly improves capacity enabling round cables up to 37 mm diameter and earth tapes (flat strip conductors) up to 50 mm wide to be clamped. 

Megger DET14C Clamp-On Ground Tester Features

- Elliptical clamp shape with 39 mm x 55 mm inner jaw dimensions

- Low maintenance flat jaw interface

- Excellent safety rating of CAT IV 600V

- Automatic noise current warning safety feature

- Resistance and current ranges - auto ranging

- Automatic noise filter function

- Backlit display Good reliability is provided with smooth, flat core mating surfaces to prevent dirt build-up and ensure measuring integrity, and extremely high battery life (24 hours continuous). Both instruments feature to date- and time-stamped test result storage reviewable on the large dual display.  Megger DET14C Clamp-On Tester Specifications - Power Source: Battery - Memory Capacity: 256 Records