Transport Stream MonitorThe MCM-9000 is an IP based monitoring solution for content over MPEG-TS. The solution enables monitoring of high number of channels and also creating a mosaic wall. The event detection thresholds are configurable per group of channels, giving the operator full control over the monitoring parameters. The system encodes the mosaic over H.264 HD SPTS - enabling the display by IP-STB both localy and at remote sites.

Model Description
• MCM-9000 – Monitoring and a mosaic system for up to 80 channels.

Series Highlights
• MCM-9000 produces the mosaic as an HD service over IP (SPTS), allowing
flexible connectivity to multiple displays in multiple sites.
• Playback with standard off the shelf IP STB
• Advanced Error detection module. Configurable detection thresholds and
notification logic.
• Conditional access monitoring
• Concurrent, real time analysis of all channels
• Supports MPEG-2, H.264 both SD and HD sources.
• Mosaic distribution supports variety of network topologies
• Live display of channel properties (audio level, format, aspect ratio, name ...)
• Flexible output stream bitrate, down to 1mbps for monitoring over the Internet.
• Fully configurable overlay display of events messages on the mosaic.
• Ideal for DVB and IPTV monitoring applications
• Broad range of audio formats including HE-AAC v2
• Loudness metering by EBU-R128 (BS.1770-2)
• Small foot print - 1RU unit
• Cost effective

• DVB-S Reception/Transmission Monitoring
• IPTV Monitoring
• Remote Monitoring