LFD-250B Live Fiber Detector

Traditional live fiber detectors (LFDs) use thumb-activated fiber bending at a fixed angle to enable the detector to read the power leaking from the jacket.

Since the bending is fixed and optimized for one wavelength and one fiber type, the bending often causes:

  • Excessive loss
  • Unreliable fiber detection (fiber activity is not detected)
  • Unreliable tone/traffic detection
  • Permanent damage to the fiber The LFD-250B Live Fiber Detector introduces step-motor-activated bending and makes fixed-angle bending—and the drawbacks stated above—a thing of the past. Applications
  • Non-intrusive fiber identification and power measurement
  • Traffic direction verification Key Features and Benefits
  • Induces minimal loss: =1 dB
  • Fail-safe detection and results
  • Detects if a fiber is active or not prior to maintenance
  • Locates a particular dark fiber using tone recognition (270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz)
  • Identifies traffic direction on a live fiber

Ordering Information

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LFD-250B Live Fiber Identifier