FTB-720/FTB-730 OTDRs

The intelligent platform built for the supertech—delivers the best performance on the market for optical, Ethernet and multiservice testing.

Applications & Features:

  • Access network testing
  • LAN/WAN characterization (FTB-720)
  • FTTx/MDU test challenges within PON networks (FTB-730).
  • Dynamic range of up to 35 dB (FTB-720) / Dynamic range of up to 39 dB (FTB-730)

EXFO’s FTB-720 OTDR helps you boost test productivity for inside-plant applications. Its exceptional 0.8 m event dead zone enables you to easily locate and characterize all events between the transmitter and the central office’s fiber distribution panel. This feature also comes in handy in access and LAN/WAN network applications, where events are usually closely spaced. Designed to meet testing requirements brought by FTTH networks in general, and PONs/MDIs in particular, the FTB-730 enables testing at 1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625/1650 nm. What's more, EXFO's next-generation OTDR software lets you test through high-port-counter splitters—even 1x64 splitters—with loss levels of up to 21 dB.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
FTB-720 LAN/WAN Access OTDR. 850 ± 20, 1300 ± 20, 1310 ± 20, 1550 ± 20, 1625 ± 15 (filtered) nm
FTB-730 PON FTTx/MDU OTDR. 1310 ± 20,1490 ± 10, 1550 ± 20, 1625 ± 10, 1650 ± 7 nm

Multiple configurations available. Please check with your TVC representative or www.tvcinc.com for details.