The FI-100 fiber identifier allows the technician to quickly determine the approximate core power and signal direction in a fiber optic cable without disconnecting the fiber. A non-intrusive macrobend is created so that only a small insertion loss is created, thus the technician can probe fibers without causing an alarm condition. The integrity of critical services is maintained.

Tone detect technology is employed so that the technician can uniquely trace signals once again without disconnecting fibers with potentially critical services.

LOW INSERTION LOSS. Non-intrusive low insertion loss prevents alarm conditions

EASY OPERATION. Identifies fiber with tone detect and a clear indication of signal transmission direction

VERSATILE. Supports all common fibers including 250µm, 900µm, 2mm,and 3mm and is able to sense light in bend insensitive fibers


  • Measure approximate core power and direction of signal transmission
  • Fast and easy fiber identification using tone detect
  • Prevents the technician from disconnecting critical services during troubleshooting and identification processes
  • Low induced insertion loss
  • Able to sense the presence of light in bend insensitive fiber
  • Supports all common fibers including ribbon cables
  • Tone detect
  • Determines direction of light travel
  • Rugged and easy to use