FC-8R Precision Automatic Blade Rotation CleaverLightwave’s newest 1-Step optical fiber cleaver with automatic blade rotation
and a digital cleave counter. It is the ideal tool for use in fusion splicing,
field termination, or any application that requires precision in a confined
space. It has a simple cleaving operation that can be performed in the palm of
the hand, allowing the user to take the cleaver to fiber in limited slack or
cramped applications. A built-in extra large fiber scrap collector handles
scrap fibers resulting from the cleaving process.

With each cleave, the blade is
automatically rotated to a new scoring position on the cleaver blade. The
automatic blade rotation feature ensures that the user receives the maximum
number of precision cleaves from each cleaver blade.

- Smart Cleave Counter
- 1 to 12-Fiber Ribbon Cleaver
- Automatic Blade Rotation
- Ideal Cleaver for Mechanical Connectors
- Ideal Cleaver for High Volume Precision Cleaving Applications in Any Environment
- Compatible with All Sumitomo Electric Fusion Splicers
- Precision Blade Performs 60,000 Cleaves