EXFO FTBx-88260 - 1G to 100G Network Tester

Customizable 1G-100G testing (including 25G/50G) built to handle multiple interfaces via EXFO’s Open Transceiver System (OTS)

Rapid evolution in transceiver technology

Whether motivated by cost, power requirements, space or increased demand for bandwidth, pluggable transceivers are evolving rapidly. Predicting how long an existing transceiver will be required before another comes along to take its place is tough—making the obsolescence of today’s hardware simply a waiting game.
Another challenge is that network operators and data centers still need to support existing technologies, but also be ready to address new rates and technologies without always doing forklift upgrades. Whether we consider SFP and SFP+ (for rates up to 10G) or QSFP28 and CFP4 (for 100G) or SFP28 (for 25G rates), it’s clear that integrating all these into a network—as well as testing and validating them—is a huge task. The smart move is to allocate budget for versatile—not limited—solutions.