Tempo DATASCOUT® 10G kit with Datacom Interface

The DataScout 10G™ - The smart tablet that goes beyond testing! This device features a powerful Android-based, rugged-tablet platform available with the industries only 10G Ethernet and more. This enables technicians to carry a single device powerful enough to test legacy DS0-TIMS, 10G Ethernet and everything in between while simultaneously removing the need to carry a separate laptop or tablet. Training videos, as well as the user manual, are available directly from the simple to use, fast to learn, touch screen interface.


  • Provisions and assures 10G metro-e circuits
  • Replaces up to 8 handhelds, including Ethernet testing, DS1 & DS3 transport testing, legacy DS0-TIMS, DataCom and DDS circuits
  • Bridges the gap between advanced gigabit services and legacy transport circuits
  • Quickly qualifies and diagnoses business services as well as mobile backhaul circuits by verifying and reporting service SLAs
  • Optimized for field engineers or technicians to completely verify and monitor legacy circuits using a single, easy-to-use handheld tester
  • PRI-ISDN analysis and verification
  • 2 and 4 wire DS0-TIMS signaling analysis, including E&M options
  • Verifies mission-critical C37.94 teleprotection circuits
  • Enables all-in-one testing capability using Wi-Fi test options


  • Full color, touch screen Android tablet design for unparalleled ease of use
  • Ready to test 3X faster than the competition
  • Test 10G Ethernet to TIMS and everything in between
  • Test multiple services simultaneously to save time and money
  • Remotely updateable
  • Intuitive test configuration with exportable results including easy to read graphical reports
  • Replaces up to 8 handhelds
  • Light yet sturdy aluminum housing


  • Loaded with productivity applications including: Chrome web browser, Google maps, Email, notes & contacts, PDF viewer, Onboard training videos, Remote control/upload via LAN.
  • Tests for proper 802.11 b,g,n configuration
  • Performs channel scan
  • Graphical frequency/channel/power display
  • Remote control via Wi-Fi
  • Dual 10/100/1000T/X SFP Ethernet ports
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+
  • BERT
  • Optical power measurement
  • PING & Traceroute
  • RFC-2544 with quick test validation
  • Loopback, monitor and thru modes
  • Automatic self test on connection
  • STS-1 signal detection
  • Simultaneously test Dual T1 and DS3
  • Dual T1/E1 testing
  • PRI-ISDN NT/TE emulation
  • T1 to Ethernet Bridging
  • DS0 Voice & Data Testing
  • CSU/NIU Emulation Mode
  • VT100 emulation
  • Frame Relay option
  • Comprehensive VF test suite
  • TIMS 2/4 wire plus wideband
  • CO/PBX emulation
  • Replaces the outgoing Am5, CXR-704, HP4935A
  • CSU/DSU emulation
  • 56K primary/secondary modes
  • 64K clear channel mode
  • Real-time received byte display
  • Monitor received signal level
  • Sync/Async & DTE/DCE modes
  • V.35, RS232, RS449, RS530, X2