Tempo Communications CATV Cable Tone Test Kit 402K

Designed specifically for the CATV industry, the 402K Cable Tone Test Kit sends tone through any passive device along the cable path, such as splitters, traps and directional couplers. The transmitter is equipped with female F-type connectors and provide both audible and LED test and tone indications. Each 402K kit consists of: the 402T Tone Generator, 402R Tone Probe receiver, one male F-to-F connector adapter cable, one male F-to-alligator clip adapter cable, and a 700C carrying case. No more long delays trying to figure out non-tagged or mis-tagged cable drops; the Model 402K is simple to use and provides fast, accurate results.

The 402R receiver provides three methods of signal reception:

  • Electrostatic pickup for non-terminated cables;
  • Electromagnetic pickup for terminated or shorted cables; 
  • Direct connection when identifying in the presence of passive devices.

The 402K CATV Cable Tone Test Kit consists of one transmitter, one receiver, one male F-to-F connector adapter, one male F-to-alligator clip adapter cable and the rugged 700C Carrying Case (also available separately.)


  • F-connector on the probe to tone through splitters
  • Sends tone to identify wires
  • Four distinct tone signatures
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Visual and signal strength indication
  • Continuity test and polarity indication
  • Large speaker for noisy environments
  • Rugged industrial design

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402K CATV Tone/Probe Kit