Avateq ActiveCore RF Layer Monitoring Receiver and Signal Analyzer

Based on ActiveCore® Platform, AVQ1020 is a monitoring receiver and signal analyzer for all major digital broadcasting standards including proprietary modulation schemes. It has been designed as an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for monitoring digital transmitter system performance. The receiver can be integrated into a transmitter system for remote monitoring applications or used as a stand-alone unit during design verification, production tests and system calibration.

Avateq AVQ1020 Features

- Monitoring and measurement at RF Modulated Layer at the transmitter output
- Real performance metrics of the transmitter system
- Combination of functional and measurement capabilities with cost effectiveness of the Receiver/Analyzer guarantees the ideal solution for monitoring RF signal quality of remote transposers, re-broadcast links, repeaters, and unmanned sites without additional costly RF test equipment
- Comprehensive set of critical RF measurements including signal MER/SNR, frequency spectrum, shoulder attenuation, frequency shift, etc.
- Estimation of signal distortions at the transmitter system output caused by the system non-linearity - AM-AM/AM-PM curves and band-path filtering - group delay, amplitude and phase responses with an ability to use the estimated numbers in a form of complex LUT and FIR for non-linear and linear pre-correction
- Early indication of signal degradation as a result of the transmitter system components aging or operational parameters variations
- An embeddded solution for remote applications, in-field diagnostics, production testing and design verification
- Flexible solution with the in-field upgrade capability including diagnostic and monitoring features that can be tuned to meet the most demanding requirements of customer's application
- Rich plotting capabilities for data visualization
- Transmitter site monitoring device with a rich set of hardware interfaces

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