Prevent excessive audio jumpsExcessive loudness variation is probably the most common viewer complaint, and it’s now something you can eliminate entirely. Our Automatic Loudness Control solutions for our Densité interfaces are designed to address all typical loudness problems, including audio jumps between programs and commercials, without adversely impacting the program content.

Uniquely, Miranda offers three distinct Automatic Loudness Control solutions which bring together the very best loudness technology:
• ALC with Linear Acoustic AEROMAX™ processing
• ALC with Jünger Audio Level Magic processing
• ALC with Miranda wideband audio processing

All three solutions can be used effectively to address loudness problems across multiple applications, such as broadcast playout, server ingest, production and post-production. However, the best fit solution will depend on an individual facility’s particular channel mix and program dynamics, as well as the associated playout workflow and equipment.

›› Automatic Loudness Control option for Densité interfaces smoothes out irritating loudness level differences between program segments, and between different channels
››High quality processing prevents adverse effects to program content
›› Three different processing variants allow selection to best match a facility’s content and workflow
›› All ALC variants are options for the XVP-3901 up/down/cross converter (see page 78), AMX-3981 embedder (see page 125), ADX-3981 de-embedder (see page 128), EAP-3901 embedded audio processor (see page 160), and EAP-3101 embedded audio processor (see page 600)
››Multiband or wideband processing
››Up to 16 audio channels processing capacity
››Multi-program support using mono, stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 audio
››‘Set and forget’ mode with setting of output Target Loudness per program
›› Actively managed processing modes, with playout automation driving a bypass mode or different profiles
››Loudness monitoring according to ITU-R BS.1770
›› Upmixing can be combined with ALC for optimal integration (Linear Acoustic and Jünger Audio ALC variants)
›› Manual remote control by iControl, iControl Solo PC GUI or RCP-200 remote panel

See PDF for ordering information and configurations.