AFL One-Click™ Cleaner PRO

The One-Click Cleaner PRO is a high-performance cleaner built for speed and efficiency. It features an integrated guide cap design that reduces cleaning time by up to 50% by eliminating constant caps switching for cleaning the ferrule end-face on connectors, in or out of bulkhead adapters. The One-Click Cleaner Pro boasts over 775 cleaning cycles in an ergonomic push-type cleaner, significantly increasing from the previous model's 500 clean limitations. Designed to meet the needs of data centers, factories, and FTTH environments, One-Click Cleaner PRO optimizes optical connectivity, reduces downtime, and improves efficiency, making it an essential tool for fiber connector cleaning.


  • Patented single-action cleaning in a small ergonomic design
  • Variety of sizes and types for different connector styles
  • Cleans connectors in both jumpers and bulkhead adapters
  • Low cost per clean