802K Digital LAN Tracing Kit

The 802K Digital LAN Tracing Kit is a powerful, unique troubleshooting and tracing solution for LANs and other types of VDV wiring. The industry standard 200FP filter probe is designed to eliminate hum from fluorescent lights and AC power wiring that can obscure tracing tones, and the AT8L LAN Toner not only generates multiple tracing tones and provides basic wiring tests, but indicates the presence of 10/100Base-T network service.

• Performs a wide range of basic wiring tests.

• Traces high-performance cables such as Cat 5 and is immune to AC power noise.

• Checks for working LAN jacks. 200FP Probe:

• AC hum filtering.

• Led for visual signal strength indication.

• Continuous on feature.

• 5-minute auto shut off.

• Low battery indicator.

• Slim, comfortable design.

• Powerful rear-fire speaker.

• Recessed on/of button helps avoid accidental power turn on.

• Adjustable sensitivity/ volume control to increase tracing accuracy.

• Selectable normal or filter operation.

• Blended carbon/plastic tip to reduce the risk of shorting terminals.

• Recessed tabs for butt set connection. AT8L LAN Toner:

• Digital interaction with LAN hubs and switches.

• Checks for shorts and service voltages.

• Splitable tone connections for tracking CAT 5/6 LAN cable.

• LAN Hub tracking with activity light blinking.

• LAN Hub detection. Check for Powered Ethernet.

• Selectable tracing tones including ID1577. 555 Hz/ 1000 Hz warble.


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802K Premium Tone and Probe Kit