801K Premium Tone/Probe Kit

Designed for more accurate wire identification, the 801K virtually eliminates power-related noise from their tone and probe operation. Our finest wire identification kit,the 801K Premium Tone & Probe Kit offers all the features professionals are looking for. Includes the 77HP/6A High Power Tone Generator with bent nose piercing clips, increased talk battery supply and higher voltage protection and the 200FP Filter Probe for filtering out AC hum. Tone probe and generator come housed in the rugged woven polyester 700C Dual Carry Case designed for years of dependable use. All components are also available separately.

Includes a 77HP/6A high power tone generator and 200 FP filter probe in a convenient Cordura case (700C)

Probe Specifications: 200FP Inductive Amplifier
Gain: 35dB
Impedance: 100 MOHM
Frequency: 500Hz – 5kHz
Tone Specifications: 77HP/6A
Output Voltage: 4.5VDC
Output Powe:r +7 dBm
Voltage Protection: 52VDC

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801K Premium Tone and Probe Kit