Professional Tone/Probe Tracing Kit - 500XP

The 500XP Pair Tracing Tone Probe helps technicians install, service, and maintain voice, datacom, and video networks faster, safer, and easier than ever. This easy to use tone probe features real-time, proportional signal processing, acAlert™ hazardous AC voltage warning, advanced Nautilus® ergonomics, and a headset connection with improved signal fidelity.


  • acAlert™ enhances user safety helping to warn if the tip is near a hazardous ac power source.
  • Tough and water resistant casework designed to provide you with a reliable product that will give years of service. If it gets wet while in use, shake it then wipe it dry and carry on.
  • Much improved signal fidelity compared to earlier designs.
  • Designed with the technician in mind; ergonomic, easy to use, and tough.
  • Features an advanced and powerful 32-bit processor, which allows for digital signal processing while being very frugal with battery power. With effective filtering, low power consumption, and a rugged weather resistant body, the 500XP lets you trace wires for longer, and with greater accuracy than ever before.
  • Two Button Control: Simple, easy to use operation.
  • Dual LED Indicators: Provides real-time proportional signal strength feedback in two bands.
  • acAlert™ Voltage Detection: Emits audible and visible alerts if brought near wires that have AC mains power voltage.
  • Mains Power Hum Filtering: Eliminates hum noise from nearby power circuits or induction, so you can focus on tracing the correct wire.
  • Bandpass Filters: Further reduces noise. Separate LED display with real-time signal strength indicators. Best used when combined with Greenlee precision tone sources set to 577 Hz and 983 Hz.
  • Industry Standard: Works with a variety of toners (500 Hz to 2.5 kHz).
  • Nautilus® Environmental Protection: Environmentally protected against dust and moisture. Drop and Crush resistant.
  • Three Year Limited Warranty.