Website Filtering

Application Name: Website Sentry The Website Sentry application allows the Provider to offer website filtering, sometimes called parental controls, to its Internet subscribers. The application generates revenue for the Provider, and provides an invaluable benefit to the subscriber. Because the application is network-based, unlike most content filtering products, it requires no software on the user’s PC. The user selects either to include and/or exclude sites from a menu with 52 categories of web content. An award-winning, constantly updated database of over 21 million sites is used to filter access respectively.

Provider Benefits:

  • Generates revenue
  • Subscriber-managed, incurring no support burden
  • Fulfills an often-requested need by the subscriber base

Subscriber Benefits:

  • No software to install and maintain on the user’s PCs
  • Subscriber controls their own household profile through an easy to use, password-protected web interface
  • Results in a “scrubbed” pipe to all browsing devices within the entire household, including game consoles
  • Allows filtering by category or a la carte, based on inclusion and/or exclusion
  • Blocking options include controlling access to “anonymizers,” social networking sites, malware and Phishing sites, and other sites characterized by undesirable Internet practices