Provider-to-Subscriber Messaging

Application Name: Bulletin Application Bulletin System® from PerfTech® provides ISPs with a direct, in-browser communication tool to their high-speed Internet subscribers. Bulletin Application allows providers to communicate directly with their Internet subscribers about topics such as: approaching byte caps, critical modem swaps, changes to service policies, virus alerts, scheduled service outages, advisories on technology updates, acknowledgement of federal compliances (such as for E911), subscriber satisfaction surveys, or collections notices. Benefits: Subscriber-Care Issues: Reduce tech support call expenses Dramatically reduce support center costs via direct messaging to your subscribers’ browser screens. This application allows providers to deliver bulletins related to network status and customer support issues (e.g., planned outages, virus alerts, network congestion, etc.). Promotions: Promote provider’s own products & services Increase revenues for new service offerings through online promotions. Make subscribers aware of all products and services without costly direct mail or telemarketing campaigns (e.g., cross-promote video services, VoIP offering, Video-On-Demand, higher bandwidth tier offering, etc.). Account Issues: Resolve Delinquent Accounts without a Truck Roll Allows providers to resolve billing issues with subscribers quietly and effectively with minimal contact. Messages can let subscribers resolve expired credit cards or delinquent payments. Results from the field reflect a 50% reduction in truck rolls. Also ideal for promoting Go Green campaigns. Automated Alerts: Alert Subscribers to Vital Information A completely automated network-sourced facility that broadcasts to online subscribers the same Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages currently placed on the subscriber’s television screen. Amber alerts and other community alerts originating from an automated “feed” can be displayed to targeted subscribers as well. Usage Notification: Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Providers can display a time-critical, in-browser message to any subscriber who is approaching or has just reached the byte cap limits of his respective service tier. Modem Swaps: Eliminate Outdated Modems Quickly to Improve Subscriber Experience Providers can message subscribers about outdated modems that may impact network performance and subscriber satisfaction. Modem swaps have historically been a challenge for providers since email, snail mail, and phone calls have proved ineffective. With Bulletin System, a North American cable provider sent all subscribers a message explaining their existing modem was out of date and could cause service issues if not changed out soon. With an aggressive schedule and pointed verbiage, all outdated modems were swapped within two weeks.