Outbound Spam Containment

Abuse Sentry is a network-based, totally automated program that eliminates spam emanating from the Provider’s network in a matter of seconds. The abuse-control teams of many Internet networks are deluged by the load imposed by Zombie-infected subscriber machines. Normally, the owners of these machines are completely unaware that they have been infected by a spam-generating virus, although many have noticed the heavy impact on their PCs’ response times that is symptomatic of such infections. 

It performs these functions, all in automated mode:

  • Monitors the network continuously for spam-sending patterns
  • Detects outbound spam and suspends it within seconds; no other functionality is affected
  • Messages the subscriber to make him/her aware of the problem
  • Includes in the message a link to Provider-selected anti-virus software with instructions to rid the PC of the infection
  • Restores the subscriber’s ability to send outbound email once remediation has been performed; no manual intervention by the Provider’s abuse-control team is needed

Subscriber Benefits:

  • Subscribers are automatically notified with an explanation of the situation, and usually grateful and willing to remediate
  • Subscribers avoid the consequences of being placed in a walled garden with limited Internet access, or worse, being completely disconnected by the Provider
  • Subscribers can still receive email, and have full access to the Internet; only outgoing email is suspended
  • Continuous monitoring permits fast, automated restoration of outbound email once the outbound spam desists; no manual intervention is needed
  • Eliminates subscriber churn due to frustration caused by traditional handling of spammers
  • Non-spammers—about 98% of the subscriber base—are completely unaffected

Provider Benefits:

  • Outbound spam is stopped automatically within seconds as soon as the program is activated
  • Relieves immediately the load of the abuse team
  • Provider’s email network is more secured; it is not threatened by other Providers, who typically blacklist a spam-infested Provider after a certain threshold of complaints is reached. Blacklisting of one Provider by another affects not just the spammers, but the entire subscriber base.
  • Runs entirely automated, continually monitoring the network over time, helping to maintain an uninterrupted email system