OM-2000 Out-of-Band Multiplexer/ModulatorThe Motorola OM 2000 Out-of-Band Multiplexer/Modulator generates an out-of-band (OOB) data stream from the headend to digital cable set-top devices, either individually or on a broadcast basis. The OM 2000 can be configured to receive data over Ethernet using UDP/IP, or as serial data over RS-530 or RS-232 communications links. The OOB data stream is used primarily as a signaling channel, but is also used to transmit electronic program guide (EPG) information and code download data. The out-of-band data stream is also the downstream path in an interactive system.

• Receives UDP/IP Ethernet and RS-530 or RS-232 serial data from multiple external devices

• Combines multiple sources of data into one MPEG-2 output transport stream

• Transmits an MPEG-2 data stream (authorization information, EPG data, code downloads, interactive data, and emergency alert packets) to cable terminals, individually or on a broadcast basis

• Provides FEC encoding of the output bitstream, interleaving, and randomization

• Provides QPSK-modulated output in a 1.8 MHz carrier in RF (71 to 129 MHZ) or IF (44 MHz)

• Provides variable RF power control

• Provides status and alarms via SNMP traps

• Maintains a contact closure connection with an EAS generator, and transmits EAS messages when trigged by the contact closure

• Performs periodic insertion of internally stored messages

• Front-panel display indicates chassis IP address