Incognito Provisioning SoftwareOverview and Benefits
The Cable Edition of Broadband Command Center™ automates the provisioning of cable modems, MTAs, ATAs, and more. It shares information with OSS, and customizes activation based on subscriber location, service speed, quality, device type, MAC address, or other criteria. You can easily personalize service packages and minimize administration using dynamic 'on the fly' configuration. Device types include SIP, PacketCable™, and DOCSIS®.

Meet Customer Expectations and Maximize ARPU

Reliability and speed are key benefits

Deploy devices that match your business model

Accurate billing is fundamental

Control costs by reducing administration and truck rolls.

Improve Reliability, Scalability, and Performance
Regardless of your network's size or speed of growth, Broadband Command Center ensures reliable service deployment. It vastly reduces manual administration and enhances customer service with powerful auto-configuration capabilities. It also provides much higher availability, ease of use, performance, scalability, and security than open source code.

In benchmark tests for stability, monitoring, redundancy, and ease of administration, Broadband Command Center scored a total of 1875 out of 2000, leading the competition by at least 30%.

Available Options: Multimedia and High-Speed Data
- Multimedia: DOCSIS, PacketCable, and SIP device support
- High-Speed Data: DOCSIS device support