Heterodyne Channel Processor

The R. L. Drake HCP1550 is a high quality, frequency agile channel processor capable of converting any VHF, UHF, or CATV input signal to any standard output channel between 54 and 550 MHz. Input and output frequency, including output frequency offset, are easily set with front panel push wheel switches. A/V ratio and output level controls are also provided along with IF loop-thru connections to offer exceptional flexibility.

· Low cost NTSC channel processor.
· Synthesized input tuning of Off-Air TV channels 2 - 69, standard CATV channels 2 - 125, and IRC, HRC channels
1 - 125, set by a front panel push wheel switch
· Synthesized RF output on CATV channels 2 - 78 and 95 - 99, set by a front panel pushwheel switch
· Selectable plus or minus output frequency offsets with front panel pushwheel switch
· Dual Saw filter IF allows adjacent channel operation in a crowded CATV environment
· IF loop-thru connections for scrambling encoders or IF stereo processors
· High output power adjustable to +60 dBmV