Blonder Tongue Outdoor Cable Modem Termination System BT-CMTS-EDGE

The BT-CMTS-EDGE is a hardened CMTS that utilizes a single device to deliver video and data services to existing coax infrastructures. This edge device allows the operator to go fiber deep and move closer to the subscriber. The BT-CMTS-EDGE can deliver up to 16 downstream channels, and 4 upstream channels to hundreds of subscribers in DOCSIS 3.0 or even more in DOCSIS 2.0.

The BT-CMTS-EDGE features superior RF performance, and can be pedestal, wall, or strand-mounted for outdoor installations.

Features & Benefits

  • DOCSIS Module supports GE/EPON uplink (SFP module required), and DOCSIS/EQAM functions
  • Provides two kinds of RF Modules, a 1xIn 2xOut RF only module, and an optional optical receiver module
  • Provides a Cable-based Power Supply (AC 60V/90V), and a Local Power Supply (AC 110V/220V)
  • Supports passive optical networking (PON) to preserve fiber resources
  • Accommodates upgrade to 10 Gigabit PON
  • Provides high-bandwidth support of 960 Mbps per fiber node
  • Provides ability to create a separate service flow and classifier for each cable modem automatically
  • Supports PacketCable/PCMM and multi-service applications, including internet, video, and interactive VOD
  • Supports strand-mounted and wall-mounted installations
  • Provides overall management and maintenance modes