ATX MAXNET IATX’s MAXNET product line provides a high density, fully integrated RF signal management solution. ATX’s high quality MAXNET products consist of a vast array of RF splitters/combiners, DCs, filters, pads/EQs, as well as amplifiers, RF switch products, and power supplies.


• Passive modules include: splitters, combiners, DCs, filters,
• Broadcast/Narrowcast combiner, plug-in pad and EQ module,
• and custom modules
• Fully integrated platform (passives and actives)
• High-quality RF performance (5 MHz -1 GHz)
• High-density (up to 18 passive modules or 9 active modules)
• Front access to pads and EQs
• Test point monitoring
• Multiple chassis configurations
• Cable management solutions
• Color-coded, surge protected modules
• Connector options include F and BNC
• Terminator options include F and BNC
• Unused ports can be ordered pre-terminated