ATX Networks MPCD Agile A/V Mini-Demodulator


ATX Networks MPCD Agile A/V Mini-Demodulator Features

  • 125 Channel frequency range 54~806MHz (CATV 2~13, A1~A5, A~ZZZ, 89~125, UHF 14~69)
  • Agile microprocessor control with push-button channel selection provides ease of installation, configuration and servicing
  • SAW filtered for precise adjacent channel rejection
  • >60dB Signal to noise ratio for crisp, sharp picture
  • Digital display provides quick channel identification
  • Non-volatile memory ensures channel programming remains after power loss
  • Single-slot design allows up to 12 or 16 units in Pico Macom’s MPC-12, MPC-12R and MPC-16PS/CS chassis
  • Fully compatible with most other manufacturers’ “mini-mod” chassis

ATX Networks MPCD Mini-Demodulator Specifications

  • Audio Output Connection:  600Ω RCA-Female
  • Audio Detection Type: Quadrature FM
  • Audio Frequency Response: 50~15,000Hz
  • Dimensions: 2.07" x 8" x 3.45"
  • Noise Figure: 5dB (VHF) / 7dB (UHF)
  • RF Input Connection: 75Ω F-Female
  • Video Detection Type: Envelope
  • Video Frequency Response: ±1.5dB
  • Video Output Connection: 75Ω F-Female
  • Voltage Input: +5, +12VDC