Address-Bar Redirection

Application Name: Address-Bar Sentry The Address-Bar Sentry application captures search strings and non-existent or mistyped URLs entered into the address bar, and redirects the subscriber to a Provider-selected page where advertising can be displayed. This revenue-generating application is extremely effective as an add-on product to an existing PerfTech installation. Unlike competitive solutions, Address-Bar Sentry does not modify or involve the DNS protocol or operation in any way, so that the subscriber experiences no subsequent problems with applications or services such as VPNs that rely on standard IP DNS operation.

Subscriber Benefits:

  • Honors user-configured browser settings including no-address-bar search, and/or preference to use the browser’s default search site
  • Does not interfere with other systems that rely on defined DNS protocols such as VPNs; absolutely no DNS problems can occur
  • Opt-out by simple button-click to re-instate the user’s default search page is available, if desired

Provider Benefits:

  • Provider is able to generate additional revenue through capture of address-bar searches
  • PerfTech’s business-model leaves more profit in the Provider’s hands
  • A turn-key search/revenue plan through Yahoo! is available
  • Subscriber options eliminate support calls, dissatisfaction, and hidden costs associated with other techniques
  • PerfTech’s multi-application platform adds to cost-effectiveness
  • Provider subgroups, such as commercial users, can be unaffected, if desired