50 Watt C-Band Outdoor High Power SSPAThe XTS-50C high power solid state power amplifiers are com¬pact, fully integrated antenna-mount units designed for low cost operation and longevity. Intended for outdoor operation, the XTS-50C eliminates the need for a separate amplifier shelter. In addition, the distance between the amplifier and the antenna feed can be shorter, thus eliminating long waveguide runs and associ¬ated RF losses.

RF Filters, cooling, and monitor and control (M&C) systems are all self-contained within the package. A high frequency resonant con¬version power supply is used that accepts a wide range of prime power (90 to 264 VAC). A remote external controller is available to operate the SSPA from a user-selected location.

Depending upon user require¬ments, these high power amplifiers can be configured for single thread, redundant, or phase combined configurations. Mounting brackets are supplied to mount the high power ampli¬fier to most popular antennas.

No Shelter Required
• Short Waveguide Run
• Low Cost Installation
• Removable Power Supply
• Complete Digital M&C Reference
• RS-232/422/485 Interface
• Built-in Redundancy