400 Watt C-Band Rack Mount High Power AmplifierThe XTRT-400C is a highly efficient rack mountable traveling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) designed for fixed and mobile uplink applications. The unit includes RF gain control, a solid state pre-amplifier, RF filters, cooling, and monitoring and control (M&C) systems. Rack space is conserved because the amplifier occupies only 3 rack units (5¼ inches) of a standard 19-inch rack cabinet. Nominal weight is 56 pounds.

The XTRT-400C is a 400W C-band amplifier with a touch screen front panel for easy customer interface. The display shows HPA status, parameter trend analysis and event logs, and remote diagnostics can be easily performed via the Ethernet interface. Also, because the display can show and control wave¬guide switches or a combiner, the need for separate external controllers is eliminated for common architectures.

The XTRT-400C incorporates high efficiency, dual stage collector TWTs. Reliability is enhanced because both prime power consumption and inter¬nal operating temperatures are reduced for both the linear and saturated modes of operation. Power factor correction circuitry is also included which minimizes line current distortion and reduces the required Volt-Amps input. The automatic features of the high frequency resonant conversion power supply include quick recovery from prime power outages and multiple helix fault resets (three fault cycles.) Depending upon user requirements these amplifiers can be configured for either single thread or redundant system operation.

• Touch Screen Inter¬face
• Built-in Redundancy Controller
• High Efficiency
• Remote Diagnostics
• Parameter Trend Analysis