Wall Mounting SystemThe WL-4 Wall Mounting System is engineered to handle a 4' (1.2M) antenna. The simple design and hot dip galvanized finish combine to make the WL-4 an easy to install, durable and inexpensive wall mount.

Handles up to a 4' (1.2M) antenna.
Ku & C band - transmit and receive.

Finish - Hot dip galvanized
Mast Diameter - up to 3-1/2" O.D.
Mast Height - 1'

The WL-4 wall mount may be set up as a right-hand mount (shown) or as a left-hand mount (mirror image of top view).

The mount must be fastened securely to the wall.

The following are some options for mounting the WL-4.
1. WL-4 Wall Mounting Kit - Baird has an optional mounting kit (shown at left) available for the WL-4. The kit contains 1/2" x 16" threaded rod bolts, backplates and nuts. It requires holes to be drilled through the wall and backplates to be placed on the inside.

2. For concrete walls - 1/2" diameter concrete anchors installed per the manufacture’s instructions.

3. For wood frame walls - 1/2" lag bolts - INTO THE WALL STRUCTURE - DO NOT lag bolt to just the sheathing.
We recommend a structural engineer review the application of this product.

Our mounts are used to support satellite dishes ranging from 18” DSS up to 6 meter antennas.
Baird mounts have also been used to support:
•Microwave antennas
•Cameras (weather,news, surveillance..)
•Cellular antennas
•Off-air antennas (vhf,uhf….)
•Weather instruments
•Laser communications

Also contact SEG for Baird custom mounts, in ground poles, mast adapters, penetrating mounts, ridgemount – non penetrating mounts and other custom fabricated mounts for your communications systems.