High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) open unprecedented opportunities for networking over satellite. UHP-120 is a high-performance router designed specifically for large- scale deployment in broadband VSAT networks operating over HTS. This product combines the Universal Hardware Platform (UHP) architecture, which was developed in the previous generation of the award-winning UHP product line, with the state-of-the-art semiconductor technology. The result is its unique performance. Not only UHP-120 can process 150 000 IP packets per second, 220 Mbps of traffic and two 65 Msps carriers, it can do this in a super- compact size, with low power consumption (less than 10W) and with best utilization of the precious satellite resource, as evidenced by up to 32APSK modulation, 5% spectral roll-off, adaptive modulation and coding, adaptive power control and 96% efficient TDMA protocol.


  • High-performance TDM/TDMA Satellite Router with aggregate throughput up to 220 Mbps
  • Two independent DVB demodulators with separate IF inputs and rate up to 65 Msps
  • Enhanced DVB-S2 QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK modulations with 5% or 20% roll-off
  • MF-TDMA modulator with innovative protocol and proven efficiency of 96% compared to SCPC
  • Adaptive coding and modulation and transmission power control in forward and return channels
  • Dual satellite or dual band operations with dynamic traffic balancing and automatic beam switching
  • Superior IP router productivity up to 150 000 PPS, rich set of supported protocols
  • Layer 3 routing architecture and Layer 2 bridging mode with IPv6 transport
  • Support of VLAN, multilevel QoS, RT traffic, TCP acceleration, AES encryption
  • Built-in adaptive hierarchic traffic shaper specially designed for VSAT applications
  • Ultra-low latency VSAT system with round-trip delay about 570 ms for TDMA mode of operations
  • Low power consumption allows using satellite terminals with alternative power sources
  • Compatible with majority of C, Ku and Ka-band RF Systems, supplies power and reference signals



UHP-120 is equipped with two high-speed demodulators. The dual demodulator in conjunction with a built-in advanced beam switching algorithm facilitates seamless roaming of mobile satellite terminals between distinct beams of HTS satellites.

Rugged weatherproof satellite router UHP-120 is designedfor outdoor installation, for example, directly on the antenna. IP67 compliant enclosure guarantees quickstart and operating performance over a wide rangeof temperatures and a harsh environment. Possible customization of the LAN and power supply connectors in accordance with specific customer’s requirements.