Commercial Satellite Antenna Controller for Dual Axis AntennasThe RC2000 is designed to provide years of reliable operation through the use of a heavy duty solid-state drive network coupled with a novel micro controller-based fault monitoring system. The 10 amp drive output capability is unparalleled in the market and the Adapti-Drive digital servo speed control optimizes antenna movement for today’s demanding Kuband applications. Additional features like an RS-422 and Ethernet communication ports for PC control and a very user-friendly menu scheme make the RC2000 a unique and highly adaptable piece of equipment.

• Familiar Operation - Uses the same user interface as the standard rack mount RC2000 ACU via keypad & LCD
• Remote Control Options - Can be controlled remotely via standard RS-422 or through an internal serial-to-Ethernet adapter
• Convenient installation - Optional “quick disconnect” allows all antenna & user connections to be routed to weatherproof connectors on the enclosure bottom panel
• 24V Rotating Feed Drive - Optional drive for a 24V polarization feed drive with potentiometer feedback.
• Weatherproof Enclosure - Utilizes a NEMA 4 rated outdoor enclosure
• Inclined Orbit Tracking - Optionally includes a beacon tracking receiver to allow for an all-in-one tracking controller
• Safe Operation - Emergency STOP switch cuts all power to the ACU for emergencies or maintenance
• Retrofit Oriented - Easily replaces other antenna controllers for retrofit applications
• Handheld Remote - Front Panel Optional handheld remote control with LCD display and keypad. Communicates using