CONTROLLER,ANT SNGL AXISThe RC1500A is an Antenna Controller for Single Axis Antennas.

• Polarization Control Interface with automatic or manual polarization control for three-wire PolarotorTM or optional control for 24V rotating feeds with potentiometer feedback
• High-Resolution Pulse Sensor Interface to ensure accurate Ku-band positioning
• Software Controlled Limits to provide backup to mechanical limits
• Dual Speed for fast slewing, fine positioning, user programmable
• RS-422 PC Control Interface includes automated control with many popular packages; basic PC-control software is Included
• Adapti-Drive to maintain stable speed with varying load
• Solid-State Drive Circuitry which provides reliable, quiet operation, rated for 36V at 10A with over-current protection
• Multi-Band Operation supports C, Ku and L-band satellites