Broadcast Satellite Modulator/ ModemThe Q-FlexV™ broadcast satellite modulator/ modem is ideal for Ultra HDTV, DTH, DSNG, ISP backhaul, fiber restoration and video contribution and distribution services. It supports IP and ASI interfaces, and the DVB-S2/S2X and DVB-S/DSNG standards.

The Q-Flex’s flexible hardware platform now provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint operation in one unit. The Q-Flex modem is ideal for handling IP traffic but can be fitted with virtually any type of terrestrial interface and operates at up to 200Mbps.

The Q-FlexV modem supports the most powerful bandwidth-saving technology available. Paired Carrier™ overlays transmit and receive carriers reducing satellite bandwidth by 50% (using ViaSat’s patented PCMA technology).

Compared to DVB-S2, the new DVB-S2X standard improves bandwidth efficiency for consumer DTH services by up to 20% and by up to 60% for professional broadcast services. ClearLinQ™ adaptive transmit pre-distortion compensates for linear and non-linear distortion in the communications channel. DVB-S2X ACM converts any unused link margin into additional throughput and provides 100% link availability.

Product Features:

• Dual IF/L-band operation
• Data rates to 200Mbps
• IP & ASI terrestrial interfaces
• Constant Coding & Modulation (CCM), Variable Coding & Modulation (VCM) & Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM)
• Optimized spectral roll-offs down to 5%
• ClearLinQ adaptive Tx pre-distorter
• Paired Carrier carrier overlay
• XStream IP™ advanced IP optimization suite including TCP acceleration, header & payload compression & traffic shaping
• DVB Carrier ID. Fully compliant with DVBCID standard
• LinkGuard™ signal-under-carrier interference detection & constellation monitor
• Multi-demod option
• Q-NET™ Navigator network M&C application included as standard
• DVB-S2X modulation up to 256APSK